Бестиарий любви в стихах

Review of Donika Kelly's Bestiary Graywolf, 2016 — The BindНазвание книги: Бестиарий любви в стихах
Страниц: 187
Год: 2010
Жанр: Боевик

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О книге «Бестиарий любви в стихах»

Every word appears to mean something it couldn’t before.

In “Catalogue,” “you,” again, is initially a bird — not the old-fashioned metaphor that punishes (as in, ), but rather the endangered one, the small sparrow that itself is easily “pulped and feathered.” In the next stanza, “you” is a 19th-century poem: “All of America is inside you, / a catalogue of lives and land / and burrowing things.” In another poem —“Where she is opened.

Where she is closed.”— the speaker describes possession as an autopsy, the possessor making a Y-cut slit along the victim’s sternum, then cracking “the hinge of ribs” and “evacuat[ing] her organs.” Afterward, by curling inside the remaining hide, as if to keep warm, the possessor becomes heart, lungs, and stomach — the necessary organs the possessed cannot live without.

It’s no wonder that the transformative ability of flight attracts Kelly: in “Fourth Grade Autobiography,” we see her “lie in the grass and wonder who writes / in the sky.” We see her “imagine / my name, a cloud drifting.” Throughout the collection, Kelly fights to be heard, the nutbrown hen no one listens to.

There is movement and healing in this collection; by the end, “Back East,” flight is the one mythological, beastly power Kelly clings to: in the final stanzas, she is no longer sitting still, but moving quickly across the plains, the mountains to her north, and her hand filled with the sky. —Footage and photos from Atomic Elroy, Antonina Bukowska, Mapna Bythpnha, Velmos Heim, Nolan Issac, Listverse, Eduard Militaru, Pexels, Pixabay, Dmitri Popov, Zachary Staines, Sweet Ice Cream Photography, Nick Tiemeyer, Saul Venegas, Tim Wright.

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